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Your Industry Leading Guarantee

Peace of mind knowing that you are placing your new tiled conservatory roof investment in safe hands.

working on a Guardian conservatory

Guardian Roof Installation 15 Years

Guardian Roof & Window Frames 25 Years

Most guarantees involve pages of fine print to read, ours is a simple statement:

Your installation is guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years if you purchased a Guardian Roof, this is extended to 25 years if we replaced the roof and upgraded the conservatory windows to
‘A’ Energy rated products.

This extended guarantee is offered as we can be confident that the new structure below the Guardian Roof will be as good as can possibly be to last a full 25 year+ period.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction


Here at August Home Improvements we have many glowing testimonials from customers for whom we have carried out Guardian Warm Roof installations; however, let’s be honest ,we could publish hundreds on our website for you to read and as a potential customer you would have no idea just how genuine they were. We simply could have made them all up!

So we would rather rely on an independent body to publish what our customers really say about us and consequently we use the services of Checkatrade.

Checkatrade have published nearly 2 million customer reviews since their inception and most importantly they verify with you what you have to say about us!

At the completion of our work at your home we will ask you, without obligation, to either complete a Checkatrade job card or to go on line and submit your opinions about all aspects of the way we have handled the work we have conducted for you. Checkatrade will then randomly contact our customers to verify the report that has been submitted. This ensures that what you read about us is exactly as the customer stated.


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