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1. Will the Guardian Roof upgrade my conservatory?
Replacing either your glass or poly roof with a guardian tiled roof will most definitely give you an all year round living space. It is insulated to Building Control approval which in turn will cut down hugely on your heating bills. It will also contribute greatly to the overall SAP Calculations on your house.

2.Is the roof noisy?
A lot of householders that have either a glass or polycarbonate roof would complain about the noise level from the outside elements but with the Guardian Roof you will not be affected by these as it has its own roof tile and the depth of insulation involved is so great.

3. Fakro as opposed to Velux?
In quality or guarantee terms there is nothing between these two roof window suppliers, just aesthetically the Fakro window is neater against our roof tile.

4. What is the guarantee on the Guardian Roof?
The roof tile guarantee is 40 years but your installer will be giving the overall structural guarantee.

5. How long from start to finish?
On a replacement job it should take no longer than 5 working days and on a new build no longer than 2 weeks.

6. Can I get a Guardian Roof as a new build extension to my house?
Yes you will be getting a fully guaranteed roof that meets all the UK Building control standards.

7. Will it match my existing house tile or slate?
The guardian roof tile is very sympathetic to all existing house finishes and with its slimline ridges and end caps you will not have the very cumbersome look of mortar on a low level extension.

8. Will it decrease the amount of light entering the rest of the house?
You will lose a certain amount of light as opposed to a glass or poly roof but because the Guardian roof is so flexible you can on most occasions position the roof windows where you can get the maximum amount of light back into your house.

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